Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bastile Soap

Bastile Soap and Castile soap are two terms that can very from person to person.   To me Castile soap should only be called Castile when it contains 100% Olive Oil for the oil portion.  Bastile soap to me is a soap that contains at least 50% or more Olive Oil.

1 pound recipe

60% Olive Oil ~ 9.6 oz
13% Castor Oil ~ 2.08 oz
22% Coconut Oil ~ 3.52 oz
05% Canola Oil ~ 0.8 oz

Use a lye calculator to get the amount of liquid an lye to use.

Not all oils are created equal and they each bring their own unique properties into your finished bar of soap.  If you substitute any oils listed here for another you risk getting undesirable qualities in your finished bar of soap.   This soap was designed to provide specific qualities using the oils listed in the amounts given.

You can check out the link about different lye calculator option on the right side under the categories column for "lye calculators"

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