Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lye Calculators

There are several lye calculators available for you to use free on the internet, but it has been my experience that some are very poor quality.   Here are two lye calculators that I personally recommend.

Summer Bee Meadow
This one is a great option because if your new to making soap it has a built in re-sizer that you enter the measurements of your square, rectangular or cylindrical mold and it will tell you how much soap batter to make up to fill it.


This is a great option for the more experienced soapmaker who has learned about how to use recipes written in percents to their advantage or has learned about the different properties that the various oils bring to the finished bar of soap and are ready to begin tweaking recipes and formulating their own using the benchmark system offered by this lye calculator.   However this lye calculator can also be used by newbies as well.

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